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Bakul (Indonesia) / Boboko (Sunda), is a kind of crafts that are useful as containers made ​​of woven bamboo with a purpose. Baskets scattered in several regions in Indonesia, especially / usually in an area that there is sufficient raw material is bamboo plants as a base for the manufacture of Bakul. Bakul in Indonesia there are also a variety of types and sizes according to the culture of each area. In line with the times as well as the power of human creativity Bakul today has undergone many changes, both in terms of design and use. Broadly speaking there are two types of bakul forms, namely:

  1. Regular Bakul / baskets in general, as this Bakul multifunctional container can work as a container of rice, container harvest vegetables in the garden, rice storage, etc..
  2. Rice baskets (Sundanese: CEPON) Bakul is smaller than common Bakul (± ¼ of a common basket size). Baskets is often enhanced shape, so that the rice baskets now have a lot of variety.

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