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Bamboo-made taxis run on coco-biodiesel


Rustico Balderian, the Mayor of Tabontabon, Philippines, intros two bamboo-made, coconut bio-diesel powered taxis. Both are made of 90% bamboo, which is a sustainable and natural material. Furthermore, the taxis are almost fully covered in banig, the Filipino woven mat. Dubbed as Eco 1 and Eco 2, these taxis can ably carry 20 and 8 people around respectively. Spacious enough!

Fuel-efficiency is the decisive benchmark that goes on to label them fully sustainable. While Eco 1runs for 8 hours on one gallon of biodiesel, Eco 2 nowhere falls short on mileage. Eco 2 is more stylish than the other one since it touts a stereo with sound system. Well, as a matter of fact, Philippines is well ahead of others when it comes to the use of renewable energy and materials. Be it the Go Green Philippines campaign or the age-old tradition of using natural material in fashion accessories, it has outclassed others.

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