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Bambu Hitadi / Bambu Hitada

bambu hitada / bambu hitadi

In North Maluku, bamboo trees besides used as raw materials in the equipment needs such as house construction, fencing, poles, couches, river raft, etc, also used as a “musical instrument”, known as “Bamboo Music Hitada”. Besides bamboo is used as the primary means for the game “Crazy Bamboo” which in the language of Ternate called the game “Baramasuwen” (to be discussed in the next article).

Most people on the island of Halmahera in North Maluku province, especially in sub Sahu, mother and Jailolo, including the Tobelo in northern Halmahera is still maintaining this type of traditional art. Music Art Bamboo they called “Bamboo Music Hitada” or often referred to as “Hitadi”. While other types of traditional music are not using bamboo known as “Music Yanger”.

Bamboo Hitada Yanger music and is usually played on special occasions, such as marriage celebration, the People’s Party or Thanksgiving celebration in a village. Traditional music is usually played together by some people in the bonds of the “Group”. A musical group consisting of 5 to 13 people.

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