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Bambu Tiup

bambu tiup

Bamboo music (either inflatable or pm) certainly many kinds of various regions in Indonesia and even from different countries. But which one is the original of the North Sulawesi as in the video. Initially, Bambu Tiup – bamboo wind instrument from North Sulawesi is only made ​​of bamboo pieces are connected to each other simply. Then the connection is only given in the form of resin putty so that the air does not want to or exit from the connection.
Given the bamboo wind instrument of the North Sulawesi is a mass similar to orchestral music, the musical instruments are of different kinds. Ranging from flute (flute), trumpet, clarinet, trombone, korno, and bass.
Today, the type of bamboo wind instrument from North Sulawesi has been progressing in the shape and material but without leaving its authenticity in the form of a bamboo wind instrument. Models, form and material is more developed than in the 1950s until the 1980s were very simple. Now this material remains bamboo but is designed in such a way that it resembles a wind instrument made ​​from zinc, brass, copper, aluminum or the like.

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