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BamTrike- Sleek and Sexy Transportation Made From Bamboo


The newest name for vehicles is now called Personal Mobility Vehicles. (PMV) This innovative new PMV from bamboo is not available yet and is part of ongoing research by Monash Student Alexander Vittouris. His words about the  BamTrike:

‘The parts required for construction of the recumbent chassis have been reduced to encompass the outer framework of the vehicle. By using large molding sections of bamboo fiber, combined with Polylactide resin, the overall assembly complexities are reduced. The philosophy behind this innovative approach is to motivate the consumer in active production of the outcome and enhance the feeling of ownership via positive contribution. The challenge of successive concepts is to find additional ways of making the raw material of bamboo benefit the intention of naturally derived personal mobility.’

It’s sporty, sleek and sexy at the same time and would be fun to troll around town in, and it looks like there is enough room to go shopping at Costco.

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