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Basek – Bambu Gesek


Basek musical instrument made ​​of bamboo is created by Joko wulung Suranto. Is a musical instrument played swiped bamboo created by artists from Depok – West Java – Indonesia.

Joko have wrestled with this Basek since 1996. Current instrument with a length of about 75 cm has had four models with different variations in order to attract attention, both as objects of art as well as decorative objects or souvenirs made ​​from bamboo wulung. Results of the creativity has gone through the trials performed in various places and events. Various type of classical to pop music can be played by Joko well, from the gentle rhythm wrenching to quickly and dynamically in collaboration with musical instruments guitar. Scratch is similar to bamboo musical instrument violin and fiddle, has three strings, played by swipe, but has a different base tones of the two, and Basek fall somewhere in between, so that the sound and tone is able to adjust both the Musical Instruments (violin and fiddle).

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