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Bedil Jepret

bedil jepret

Toys are played alone or in groups, if his own play accuracy, and if the groups with each other and shoot, but it is rarely done. Made of bamboo by utilizing the flexibility of bamboo, so it can catapult “bullet” in the form of seeds barked. While playing the waiting time his parents in the fields or the fields, but sometimes also played together with his place of residence when it is returned from the field or huma.

How to play is to include other grains such as bark or gravel from the upper hole. Then place the curved bamboo pressed up so apart and release the seeds into the air, “bullet” that came out was very weak depending on the level of flexibility of bamboo. This toy is brown because it uses bamboo that was old and dry, but at the time made ‚Äč‚Äčthis toy is green because it has not dried. Snap rifle is not a disposable toy but there are limits to the flexibility of the bamboo’s time to catapult was lost or not flexible anymore.

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