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Caping / Capil


Hat is a kind of conical cap which is generally made of woven bamboo. Hat are also made from pandanus leaves, or a type of grass, leaves or coconut. A hat, in general, is equipped with a chin strap that serves to maintain the balance of hat.

In addition to its distinctive shape hat also has advantages over the cap can withstand the scorching heat during hot weather (head and neck) and can dispel rain water during rainy weather. Hat usually worn by farmers while working in the fields, although there is also a group of farmers not using it, even some that use it as a lantern / lamp cup. Hat has been entered into the culture of the people of Java, hat made ‚Äč‚Äčinto the name of a song titled Java Caping mountain. Hat was not only used in Indonesia but is also used in Southeast Asia and East Asia, especially in China, Korea, Vietnam, Japan and so on.

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