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Utility vehicle by Robert Hagenstorm – Sustain Exhibition at the Royal College of Art

Utility vehicle by Robert Hagenstorm

Saya Okihara Craft

Saya Okihara Craft

Desktop Lamp



Kurung Ayam

kurung ayam

Sangkar Burung

sangkar burung





Bakul (Indonesia) / Boboko (Sunda), is a kind of crafts that are useful as containers made ​​of woven bamboo with a purpose. Baskets scattered in several regions in Indonesia, especially / usually in an area that there is sufficient raw material is bamboo plants as a base for the manufacture of Bakul. Bakul in Indonesia there are also a variety of types and sizes according to the culture of each area. In line with the times as well as the power of human creativity Bakul today has undergone many changes, both in terms of design and use. Broadly speaking there are two types of bakul forms, namely:

  1. Regular Bakul / baskets in general, as this Bakul multifunctional container can work as a container of rice, container harvest vegetables in the garden, rice storage, etc..
  2. Rice baskets (Sundanese: CEPON) Bakul is smaller than common Bakul (± ¼ of a common basket size). Baskets is often enhanced shape, so that the rice baskets now have a lot of variety.

Caping / Capil


Hat is a kind of conical cap which is generally made of woven bamboo. Hat are also made from pandanus leaves, or a type of grass, leaves or coconut. A hat, in general, is equipped with a chin strap that serves to maintain the balance of hat.

In addition to its distinctive shape hat also has advantages over the cap can withstand the scorching heat during hot weather (head and neck) and can dispel rain water during rainy weather. Hat usually worn by farmers while working in the fields, although there is also a group of farmers not using it, even some that use it as a lantern / lamp cup. Hat has been entered into the culture of the people of Java, hat made ​​into the name of a song titled Java Caping mountain. Hat was not only used in Indonesia but is also used in Southeast Asia and East Asia, especially in China, Korea, Vietnam, Japan and so on.

Tampah / Winnowing


Tampah / Winnowing is a tool made ​​of woven bamboo trees hemisphere in the split round shaped like a plate diameter between 65-80 cm.
This tool is usually used to winnow rice, namely rice cleaning of the dirt before washing and cooked by hand manually sieve, then dirt will be automatically excluded. In addition to rice winnow, winnowing is also useful to put the snack cake called cake winnowing, winnowing is also used as a base for the cone then for sunning or gendar cracker crust. This tool is widely used by Indonesian society since winnowing is a wonderful tool, as well as cheap and a lot of benefits when used lightly.




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