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Enggrang is one kind of art and eventually became a traditional Indonesian game under the influence of Chinese culture. Enggrang which began to develop in the 1960s in Karawang regency of West Java is known as a performance accompanied by a variety of traditional instruments of West Java. However, after a long time developed into a traditional game.

Enggrang is a traditional Indonesian game is not known for certain where it came from, but can be found in various regions with different names such as: some parts of West Sumatra with the name of the Tengkak-tengkak Tengkak (limping), which in Bengkulu Ingkau means shoes bamboo and in Central Java with stilt name derived from the name of a long-legged bird. Stilts itself comes from Lampung language meaning beheaded sandals made of bamboo elliptic. In the language of Banjar in South Kalimantan called batungkau.

The traditional game of the tools already familiar to the children in the Java community, because it will almost certainly be found easily in many places in remote rural areas and urban areas, in the past. Enggrang including kids games, because this game has been around since at least once before the independence of the Republic of Indonesia, during Dutch colonialism. It was as recorded in Baoesastra (Dictionary) essay Java WJS Poerwadarminto 113 pages published in 1939, mentioned the word enggrang-enggrangan interpreted the game by using a tool called enggrang. While enggrang themselves given meaning bamboo or wood which were footing (for feet) so that the foot moves freely running.

Enggrang made simple by using two bamboo sticks (more frequent use of this material rather than wood) in length each about 2 meters. Then about 50 cm from the base of the bamboo, bamboo bamboo hollowed out and then penetrated with a size of about 20-30 cm which serves as a footrest. Then become a tool called enggrang game. Bamboo is commonly used bamboo lear or wulung, and very rarely wear bamboo petung or greater ori and easily broken.

Unfortunately, traditional games as well enggrang-tools-in other traditional games today are no longer recognized by children who know a lot more modern games (playstation) or import the game from plastic. Enggrang games and the like are much more fill museum institutions or research institutes related to the cultural and historical values. At the corner of Taman Pintar Yogyakarta also found this game stilts though the situation is quite alarming. Enggrang a memorable stay in the present and occasionally still displayed in the workshop or seminar.

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