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Five Element Ahimsa – Bali

Five Element Ahimsa - Bali

Location: Bali, Indonesia
Construction Period: 2008 – 2012
Site Area: 9000 sqm
Floor Area: 2009 sqm
Architect: Arte Architect

Human and nature relations are represented in the application of bamboo architecture throughout the buildings in Fivelements complex. Besides its rapid growth—fully grown in just two or three years—and its recyclability, bamboo is a local material strongly representing tropical architecture. The Mandala Agung in Madya area is the largest bamboo structure that functions as the meeting place. Local wisdom is also applied by the architecture through design process that combined the principles of architectural geometry with Balinese philosophy, producing wide spanning construction shaped like a mountain, or tumpeng shape, with bow structure without columns in the middle of the structure.

The main structure of the construction consists of whole bamboo poles spanning from the lower structure to the roof, reaching a height of about 12 meters. These structures are joined at the top and are supported by a protruding bamboo tube, creating overlapping roofs and a very tall bamboo construction.

Fivelements, which has been given the FuturArc Green Leadership Award 2011 in the commercial architecture building category and Asia Pacific Spa Hotel Awards 2011 as the most recommended hotel spa in Indonesia, is more than a hotel.

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