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Foy Doa

foy doa

Traditional musical instrument FOY DOA, is the name of a traditional musical instrument NTT [East Nusa Tenggara], which comes from the island of Flores, more accurately derived from Ngada.

How old age Foy music Prayer is not known with certainty because there are no relics can be used to measure it. Foy Doa means double flute made ​​of reed / bamabu keil that join two or more. Perhaps music is commonly used by young people in the game at night with a circle. FOY DOA consists of 2 or could have been towed distilled and used in play together.

Penadaan system, tones produced by musical Foy Doa is the single tones and dual tones or two voices, this right depends on the tastes of the music player Foy Doa. Shape poems, poems generally of Doa theme song music Foy life, for example: “Kami bhodha ngo kami bhodha ngongo ngangi rupu-rupu, go-tuka ate wi me menge”, that means we have to work diligently in order not to starve. How to Play, Breathe wind from mouth blowing gently into the hole, while the fingers of the right hand and the left earpiece cover.

Music development Foy Doa, beginning Foy Doa music played rank on its own, and only about 1958 musicians in the local area began to integrate with other musical instruments such as: Sowito, Thobo, Foy Pay, Dera Earnings, and Earnings Toka. Function of the musical instruments mentioned above are as musical accompaniment Foy Doa.

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