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Gamolan a similar percussion instruments in the Javanese gamelan. A musical instrument made of bamboo was thought to have played the ancient Lampung since the 4th century AD. Nevertheless, until the early 21st century, many people do not know about it Lampung.

Is Margaret J Kartomi who managed to get the discovery. The Australian researchers conducted a study of the instrument for 27 years since 1980.

“When I was going through Liwa (West Lampung), there are people who play gamolan. I am interested in having never heard such sounds of other instruments. Across the world, there is no sound like this (gamolan). As ekomusikologi, I am interested in studying gamolan, “said Margaret.

Unlike the gamelan, gamolan a single instrument that can be played alone without combined with other instruments. Meanwhile, the new gamelan orchestra could play together in the form of other instruments.

Margaret explained, was believed gamolan age older than the gamelan. The evidence is seen in the reliefs of Borobudur. On one of relief, a similar picture was plastered gamolan.

“Then, gamolan already there before the temple was built. They build for obvious relief see existing events, “said Margaret.

Gamolan that exist today, according to Margaret, already has a difference compared to the ancient gamolan. Ancient Gamolan has eight parallel bamboo slats above a round chunk of bamboo around the arms of adults. Eight bamboo each representing eight scales, which do re mi fa so la si do.

Meanwhile, the modern gamolan bamboo only has seven representing the seven scales. The scales are missing tanga fa tone. Margaret says she has yet to understand the reason for removing the scales fa.

“I do not know the reason why. I think I will re-examine it, “said Margaret.

Another difference between ancient and modern gamolan is a musician who plays gamolan. Ancient Gamolan played two people for a musical instrument. Meanwhile, the modern gamolan can be played one person.

Margaret believes, gamolan is a traditional musical instrument native Lampung. It was because gamolan can only be found in the West Lampung and the Right Way. Gamolan existence in the Right Way allegedly because the culture was taken from the West Lampung.

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