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Gasing / Gangsing


Gasing / Gangsing is a toy that can be spun on the shaft and balanced on a point. Gasing is the oldest toy found in various archaeological sites and still be recognizable. In addition to a children’s toy and an adult, gasing also used for gambling and divination fate.┬áMost of the tops are made of wood, although often made of plastic, or other materials. Wood carved and shaped up to be part of a top agency. Top rope is generally made of nylon, while the top rope traditionally made from tree bark. Top rope length varies depending on the length of the arm is played.

Spinner is one of the traditional game of the archipelago, although the history of its spread is not certain.
In the island of Seven (Natuna), Riau Islands, a top games have existed long before the colonial Dutch. While in North Sulawesi, a top known since the 1930s. This game is made by the children and adults. Typically, that is done in the yard and a flat hard soil conditions. Top game can be taken by individuals or teams with varying number of players, according to the custom in their respective areas.
Up to now, is still very popular tops done in a number of regions in Indonesia. Even residents in the islands Rian organized a competition routine. While in Demak, usually a top played during the turn dry season to the rainy season. Community Bengkulu busy to play kazoos during the celebration of the Islamic New Year, 1 Muharram.

Various names of Gasing
A number of regions have different terms to refer to a Gasing. People of West Java and DKI Jakarta call Gangsing or Panggal. Lampung people call Pukang, East Kalimantan residents call Begasing, while in Maluku called Apiong and in West Nusa Tenggara named Maggasing. Only people Jambi, Bengkulu, West Sumatra, Riau Islands Tanjungpinang and calling a Gasing. Maggasing name or Aggasing well known in the Bugis people of South Sulawesi. While people Bolaang Bolaang in North Sulawesi familiar with the name Paki Gasing. East Javanese as chuckle calling Gasing. While in Yogyakarta, gasing called with two distinct names. If made of bamboo called Gangsingan, and if made of wood named Pathon.

Gasing Form
Spinner has a variety of forms, depending on the region. There are oval, some are shaped like a heart, cone, cylinder, there is also shaped like a flying saucer. Consists of a top part of the head, the body and the foot (pivot). However, shape, size and top sections vary depending on each area.
Bamboo Gasing
Tops in Ambon (apiong) has the head and neck. But generally, tops in Jakarta and West Java only has the head and the apparent pivot, made from nails or metal. While a top pivot Natuna, does not appear.
Various types of Gasing

Types of Gasing
Tops can be divided into a top racing sound, play and penalty shootout at

Gasing Game
How to play a top, it is not difficult. Importantly, a top player should not hesitate when throwing tops to the ground.

How to:

  1. Tops in holding in his left hand, while the right hand holds the rope.
  2. Wrap the strap on top, starting from the pivot to the body of a top. Strong wrap while spinning.

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