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Rafters or in other languages ​​was called jidor bat made ​​of bamboo or teak wood carved trunk. Kentongan usability is defined as a sign of alarm, signal distance communication, Morse, marker prayer, nor sign of danger. The drums sizes ranging from a diameter of 40cm and a height of 1.5 M-2M. Kentongan often identified with the ancient communication tool that is often used by people living in rural and mountainous areas.

Kentongan an ancient communication tool that can be shaped or circular tube with a hole in its center carved deliberately. From the hole, going out sounds when struck. The gong comes with a regular bat is deliberately used to hit the center of the drums to produce a distinctive sound. The gong sounded with different rhythms to indicate different activity or event. Listeners will be understood by itself the message delivered by the gong.

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