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Knobe Khabetas

knobe khabetas

Traditional musical instruments NTT [East Nusa Tenggara] Knobe Khabetas’s called, is a traditional musical instruments tribe typical Dawan, that one of the mainland native tribes inhabit the island of Timor. When the first time traditional musical instruments Knobe Khabetas it or who played found, a note or a document that can be replicated in tracing it.

Traditional musical instruments Knobe Khabetas it believed by some great society among Dawan, been there since ancestor’s largest parts mainland Timor’s atill alive and now settled in the caves. Something actually interesting things to assess scientifically or challenging for the conduct penelurusan history will traces existence of traditional musical instruments Knobe Khabetas it’s in the past.

A form of traditional musical instruments Knobe Khabetas this if we observe on first glance, will seen as a form of darts bow. Playing traditional musical instruments in Knobe Khabetas This one from end traditional musical instruments Knobe Khabetas that shaped like this arc is blown while picking Tali [Strings] in existing stretch bows.

Traditional musical instruments Knobe Khabetas more homes found in field [the occupied homes only when planting season in field]. With the easy and diverse types of modern music equipment, may be difficult finding the traditional musical instruments Knobe Khabetas it.

On Several Occasions, not uncommon as traditional musical instruments Knobe Khabetas we meet medium played in ceremony for event specific parts Dawan. But it’s not that much more  intensity, replaceable nuance modern music the musicians of course not need it traditional musician in addition electrical power sources primarily.

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