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Lodong a ‘cannon’ traditionally made ​​of bamboo, old toys lodong made ​​during the fasting month, is made of bamboo rather large diameter and closed at its rear, its about 1.5 meters long weapons like bazookas, so called “cannon Lodong “. Near side of the hole that closed were small hole that serves to ignite the cannon to fire.

How to play it, lodong rods stored in a tilted position, make sure the seat is stable because if lodong lodong very loud noise can drag the lodong hinga bounce as boost energy explosion is very high (sometimes up broken into pieces), put a little water from the open pit and slice carbide, closed the open hole and a small hole at the base of blob lodong with cloth. After sufficient time (approximately up carbide runs out) open the cover and lift lodong lubag small fire in the hole by using a torch to light the cannons.

Lodong is usually played by older children, the elderly or children. But if it is played children must be accompanied by an adult because if less skilled child can face dirty black from lodong his own shot.

Lodong sometimes used as weapons of war between the 2 groups at any distance complete with a mound of earth as a fortress, the children used to use the ammunition used shoes or soap containers, stored in Lodong muzzle. So that when the battle started, the sky filled with bad shoes hovering looking for targets.

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