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Flute or whistle flute, better known as Minang traditional wind instruments. It is known evenly across West Sumatra, both inland and coastal. The so-called land especially luhak nan tigo (Agam, Tanah Datar and Puluah Limo Koto), while coastal areas of West Sumatra along the Indian Ocean coast. Whistle sounded the trumpet usually crowd customary events, such as marriage, the prince of the event (batagak pangulu) and others. Be relaxed or blown by perporangan, when to harvest rice or the fields. Perhaps he played solo or alone, and can also be choir, or combined with other traditional musical instruments, such as talempong, drums and so on.

The tools used to whistle flute made from rice stalks, a type of wood or bamboo, buffalo horn or palm leaves. The details are here. To the sound stylist, the material is usually made of wood or bamboo capo neigh gutters. Size, as big as your thumb. It is a kind of capo neigh shrubs, wood hard but the inside soft, so easily perforated. Approximately 20 cm in length, were 4 holes is 2.5 cm, which controls the rhythm. Tone only do-re-mi-fa-sol or called pentatonic melodies. This tone is prevalent in Minang traditional musical instruments. While the whistle is blown or parts can be made of wood or gutters (a type of bamboo) or from the old rice stalks.

Then there is the connector. Berf refugees as the base of the whistle. Approximately 5 cm in length, made of hard wood. This connector perforated for airway, which is continuous with the body axis and the axis of the funnel. In the back of the funnel-shaped junction anyway, with a diameter of 2 cm. Then the funnel. This is part trumpet formed membasar. Its function is to amplify or increase the volume. This part is usually made of wood (especially wood cork), or from natural buffalo horn has shaped taper, or of palm leaf wrapped. Length is about 10 to 12 cm, with a diameter of 6 cm in section expands. In manufacturing there bervarisi specifications in each area. In fact, setting the tone there is also a way to close and open the funnel surface. In terms of flute played with other instruments such as talempong, drums and gongs sounding the guide is truly a classic rhythm Minang very heart touching.

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