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Ensemble of bamboo musical instrument called Senggayung. This instrument is commonly used in a ritual called Besenggayung. This bamboo musical instruments used in the recording of program activities Indonesian Music Series Volume 17 “Borneo: Ritual and Music Festival of Dayak” Dusun Tanjung village in Tangerang district. Barley Hulu Regency. Ketapang in West Kalimantan in October 1995. This results in the production of audio on CD and cassette, published by the Society of Indonesian Performing Arts in collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution.

Senggayung is an old musical instrument that has been used since the origins of the indigenous fruits. Of the story is unbelievably, this instrument was stolen from Ghost Pestilence (Hantu Sampar) during the fruit season. Therefore, tool-making and game senggayung should not be done other than in fruiting season (with specific conditions), because it can be dangerous plague.

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