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The Calfee: A ground-breaking eco-friendly bamboo bike

bamboo bike

The Calfee, designed by Rachel Hammond and carved out of specially selected bamboo stems collected from remote mountains of Taiwan’s Yushan National Park, is a great way to go green.

The innovative idea shaped into reality in California, where the bamboo stems are smoked and heat-treated to give it that extra strength to ride miles, and then is put together into a frame. The extremely durable hemp fiber lugs are joined to the various pieces and then the process of coating it with a satin polyurethane sealant begins for the successful completion of the production.

Weighing almost the same as its metal equivalent, the Calfee has a lot to offer to the environment. Bamboo being a good absorber of greenhouse gases pays its share to the environment. It is exceptionally strong, hence supports greater load than mild steel and is more flexible than carbon fiber to absorb shock well.

The Calfee is made available for users in the Eco Age shop owned by actor Colin Firth, his wife Livia Giuggioli and her brother Nicola. You can lay your hands on this biodegradable bike for £3,000.

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